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How to choose the right ultrasonic welding machine

How to choose the right ultrasonic welding machine

Efficiency and profit: the economic benefit of ultrasonic plastic welding depends on the correct analysis of various costs, such as:

1. How to select a suitable ultrasonic welding machine for this product?

2. How do you decide to use the right power?

3. How to choose the suitable welding frequency for plastic products?

4. How to set up ultrasonic mold to increase production?

Such problems are not known to the general purchasing departments or operators.

We also often hear complaints from ultrasound users, such as the waste of making small products with large models, the reluctance and mechanical damage caused by making large products with small models. In a word, the market is a combination of all kinds of strange things. The standard of profit and justice is hard to determine. One choice depends on your wisdom; the other depends on your own responsibility. How to let you master the efficiency? How to let you control your wealth generating equipment? We will provide you with professional knowledge to meet your needs. As an objective standard, we hope that customers and manufacturers can avoid some careless details when using ultrasonic plastic welding machine. We also call on customers and manufacturers not to take a convenient and analytical attitude to engage in the wrong road that may cause obstacles in the future. Because the service life of ultrasonic machine, mold and electronic control box vibration system will depend on correct use and maintenance, and its uncoordinated negligence is not allowed.