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Stainless steel welding operation instruction

1. Overview

Installed capacity: 2 × 150t / H + 2 × 30MW. The sealing oil pipe of steam turbine generator of the unit is made of 1Cr18Ni9Ti.

Project Name: stainless steel pipe welding operation instruction

2. Compilation basis:

2.1. Design drawings

2.2. Technical code for welding of thermal power plant DL / T 869-2004

2.3. Standard for quality inspection and assessment of thermal power construction (welding part) (1996 edition)

2.4. Welder technical assessment procedure

2.5. Safety work regulations for electric power construction

3. Construction preparation:

3.1. Materials and equipment

3.1.1. Welding materials

Welding wire: h1cr18ni9ti φ 2.5

The welding wire shall be provided with the quality certificate of the manufacturer, and the receiving and distribution shall be under the unified management of the welding material manager. Oil rust and other dirt should be removed before welding wire is used to expose metal luster.

3.1.2. Argon

The argon cylinder shall be attached with factory qualified label, with purity ≥ 99.95%, flow rate of 6-9 L / min, argon in the cylinder shall not be exhausted, and the residual pressure in the cylinder shall not be lower than 0.5MPa to ensure the purity of argon filling.

3.2. Construction equipment

3.2.1. DC welding machine shall be used.