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    R & D
    The company has non-standard automation equipment R & D department, precision mold development department, precision fixture processing plant and large CNC processing plant; it provides the ability of product design, process research and development, experimental verification, mold design and manufacturing. Enabling the transformation of manufacturing factories into new intelligent manufacturing factories.
    Quality is the rope that runs through our management concept, and plays an important role in the foundation of Huihe's corporate culture. We deeply know that quality is the lifeline of an enterprise. We treat quality from the perspective of customers, continuously improve and continuously manage in order to exceed the requirements of customers.
    Service orientation
    We have a sound after-sales service team, people-oriented, customer-oriented, rapid response is our service tenet. In order to meet the supply needs of domestic customers, the company plans to set up customer service centers in Dongguan, Chongqing, Ningbo and other places to quickly respond to customer needs and provide free technical support; free replacement and repair of faulty products can be timely delivered to the site according to customer requirements.