Company profile

Huihe Automation is committed to becoming a supplier of non-standard automation total solutions. Since entering the automation industry in 2004, after more than ten years of precipitation and development, it now has a modern plant of more than 7,000 square meters and a professional team of more than 100 people. There are multiple offices throughout. Huihe Automation has always attached importance to talents, cooperated with domestic institutions of higher learning to carry out oriented training of talents, and established a sound promotion channel and mechanism to provide employees with generous benefits.
We pay attention to the real needs of customers in various manufacturing industries, to maximize quality, efficiency and productivity, and to reduce customers’ overall operating costs. We continue to invest a large amount of funds for the development and innovation of various automation equipment for a long time. There are dozens of national patents, the technical strength is leading the level of domestic counterparts, and the brand image of automation equipment has been established. It has reached strategic cooperation with well-known enterprises in the national industry to provide more high-quality and cost-effective industrial solutions that meet customer expectations.
We provide core equipment support with professional and innovative design concepts and craftsmanship, leading the intelligent transformation of the industry. Huihe Automation devotes itself to the automation industry with professionalism, perseverance, enthusiasm and gratitude, dedicated to promoting the development of the industry, and working hard for the development of our national industry!
The company is established with:
Non-standard Automation Division
Committed to building a non-standard automation total solution provider
Large CNC Division
Two-meter computer gong processing
Mold Division
Provide metal plastic mold template mold base
Fixture Division
Customization of precision fixtures and fixtures in various materials and various application scenarios
We are willing to be the pioneers of the future, using first-class equipment and technology, plus 100% efforts. Provide customers with the most satisfactory products and services
Willing to cooperate with you, work hand in hand, and create brilliance together, and look forward to your visit and guidance in Huihe Automation.